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We were unsatisfied with index-following; questionable incentive-structures in the funds management industry; low levels of creativity & ingenuity in the advisory space and limited access to high-performance, next-generation algorithms for the retail investor. So we decided to challenge the status quo. It was hard work, but we were determined to prove we could generate higher returns with lower risk… Much higher returns. 

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Managed Accounts

Wholesale investors are invited to join the Quant Alpha Managed Account service under Ferguson Hyams Investment Management (AFSL 490023). Your capital stays in your own account & there are no lock in periods or break fees. Visit the FHIM website or read more about it here:


License our Software

As an alternative to the Managed Account service you may license our algorithms & the software needed to deploy them to your own account. Quantitative trading gives you access to cutting edge research & technology, while freeing you up to do more of the things that are important to you. 

Every update to our program is deployed to your account. We are in this together for the long term.


Full Transparency

Quant Alpha operates a small & exclusive membership, because our objective is to remain nimble, responsive and be a long-term wealth-creation partner. We believe in quality over quantity, and prefer to provide our software to individuals who share our values & vision.

Monitor every trade from your own phone, tablet or desktop. We have our own funds invested into our algorithms, so we offer you the very portfolio we trade ourselves – we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Being Conservative Should Not Mean Accepting Poor Returns

The Foundation is

Capital preservation is our primary goal. Staying in the game, we will always be ready for opportunity. Any good business has periods of volatility, so volatility alone isn’t terribly representative of real risk. Risk management isn’t an afterthought, nor is it just our starting point, rather it’s the foundation of the entire process. It’s hard to manage what you can’t measure and for that reason we believe the quantitative approach yields the single best way to understand & manage market risk. Operational risk, technology risk and credit risk, are also critical components of our business & part of our DNA.

Making sub-par returns for a lifetime, and giving up the enormous value of compounding good returns – now that is a risk.

Other Critical Risk-Management Principles
Always be prepared, after all, the markets can remain irrational for longer than you can remain solvent


Low Leverage

Our leveraged program utilises margin on occassion, however the average exposure is only 45% of equity. Our unleveraged program uses no margin whatsoever. Also, by keeping our positions small, and trade-count high, we generate a smoother equity curve (less volatility of returns).



We take small positions in a high number of stocks and different algorithms are working together to enter & exit positions. Further, we capitalise on different alpha-generation factors within the one program, taking particular advantage of the well-documented market behaviours: mean reversion & momentum.


Long - Short

We employ a balance of long & short models to hedge our bets & be ready for whatever the market throws at us. This means we profit in both rising & falling markets. The “all weather portfolio” is the least likely to experience extended periods underwater – in fact draw-down recovery is very swift. Our returns are highly uncorrelated to the market (see the Performance page).

How it all Works

Become a

We believe exposure to algorithmic strategies is an essential part of a modern portfolio. We’re disrupting the hedge fund industry by placing a turnkey, quantitative portfolio directly into the hands of the investor. Run it all on your own account & we’ll take care of maintenance, support & updates. We don’t think there’s anything else quite like this: where self-directed, automated investing meets genuine, individual service.

Your Success = Our Success

What Makes Quant Alpha

“In the building practices of ancient Rome, when the scaffolding was removed from a completed Roman arch, the engineer stood beneath. If the arch came crashing down, he was the first to know. Thus his concern for the quality of the arch was intensely personal, and it is not surprising that so many Roman arches have survived.”    (Seth Klarman, 1991,“Margin of Safety”) 

Like the Roman arch builder, we are fully invested. Reach out for a casual chat or to get into the detail & start the due diligence process.

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.

– Alan Turing

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