High Performance Trading


A Portfolio That Runs Like Clockwork

If your firm is unsatisfied with index-following; questionable incentive-structures in the funds management industry; low levels of creativity & ingenuity in the advisory space and limited access to high-performance, next-generation trading algorithms, talk to us. We believe in challenging the status quo. Our systematic trading strategies & execution software are built to generate higher returns with lower risk. With decades of combined experience in traditional markets, we have now applied our strategy development expertise to the crypto space.

We offer a bespoke, turnkey portfolio management solution for discerning investors who want their capital to work harder.

Quantitative Crypto is Here!
Crypto portfolio agorithms will soon be available to the smallest of investors though our profit sharing programme with Zignaly!
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Crypto is an opportunity not to be missed


The World is Changing
In a world of unknowns, diversification is our best defence.  At Quant Alpha we wanted a way to participate in the incredible crypto opportunity, but with the least possible risk. In the early days, that was extremely difficult, but as the market has matured we were more and more able to apply all the experience we had gained in the traditional markets into developing robust, institutional grade algorithmic trading strategies for crypto.

In a market still dominated by those 'on the fringe', it is essentially impossible to find a trustworthy partner in this space. At best there are 'bots' built by complete novices: totally lacking in risk management or portfolio diversification. Many look like geniuses in the raging bull markets, but quickly fade into the shadows when winter comes.

Join us if you are looking for the best possible returns, but want to know that the risks are as contained as they possibly can be.


Set & Forget
While we take care of all the trading, you can monitor every detail from your Zignaly account. Simply connect your Binance account and allocate the desired amount to Quant Alpha.

Whether you are a crypto expert, or just a novice, you are likely looking to diversify your blockchain exposures as much as possible. We understand the risks in this space, but we know that it's still essential to gain as much exposure to this phenomenal opportunity as possible. If you are looking to complement your de-fi investing, or just looking for a safer way to gain exposure to crypto, then let the experts take care of the trading.

Long before there was a crypto trader we were already in the markets, learning the critical lessons: HODLing never ends well; most traders fail in the end; all markets command respect and the competition is fierce. So for us, it was an obvious choice: if we want crypto exposure, we want to do it through a diversified portfolio of quantitative trading strategies!

Being Conservative Should Not Mean Accepting Poor Returns

Capital preservation is our primary goal. Staying in the game, we will always be ready for opportunity. Any good business has periods of volatility, so volatility alone isn’t terribly representative of real risk. While we want to keep draw-downs to a minimum, the crypto opportunity does stem from this incredible volatility, so we need to accept some return instability in this space.

Our philosophy is that the best way to gain confidence in an investment methodology is to ensure it is systematic, testable & quantifiable. This is what algo trading gives us. Now that the crypto markets are beginning to mature, and the data and trading infrastructure are so much more robust and reliable, we believe we can offer trading strategies of an institutional quality.

Risk management  is the foundation of the entire process. It’s hard to manage what you can’t measure and for that reason we believe the quantitative approach yields the single best way to understand & manage market risk.

Crypto risks are everywhere: from fraud; to exchange failure; to the changing regulatory environment. We understand this, and thus have a two-fold approach to risk management: 1. trade in the lowest risk manner possible; and 2. only invest a relatively small portion of our net worth into this space.

With the incredible gains on offer, the only question remaining is: 'what percentage of my portfolio should I invest?'. Keep it reasonable and get on board!


Constant research & development


Exchange Trading
Our principle offering is obviously the on-exchange trading algorithms. These are deployed simply and easily through our parther Zignaly.  All you need is a Binance account.

Monitor everything from the web or the app!


De-Fi Opportunities
For less than the price of a coffee each month you can subscribe to our alerts for the intentional crypto investor. Find the highest yielding opportunities at the lowest risk. If you need assistance setting up from scratch, we do that too.


Access to the Team
Breaking the traditional 'hedge fund' model we are about creating a community and benefitting together. We provide services to help you get up and running and to make sure you are on top of the latest opportunities and risks.

Do you trade?

If you have a track-record in crypto trading and believe your strategies could be systematized and stand the tests of time, then reach out - we are interested in partnerships.

Want more detail on the strategies?



To achieve the maximum possible diversification we have implemented models that cover the full spectrum of trading styles: from mean reversion, to trend following and momentum methodologies.

We are always seeking to trade as much as possible, to smooth out our equity curve and of course, everything is 100% automated. We want to be constantly buying-in and scaling-out to manage risk and given we are long-only, we don't want to trade heavily during bear markets.

Everything we do is back-tested on all the available data and shows itself to be robust and statistically significant.


We trade any coin paired with USDT on the Binance exchange so long as it meets our liquidity and turnover requirements.

By being open to trading a larger universe of coins we stand ready to capture some amazing outlier opportunities!


Just reach out to us if you'd like to see our back-test results. Naturally we have spent a lot of time on data, on buiding the technology required to test and execute our strategies and believe that our experience gives us an amazing edge in this space!
We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done. 
– Alan Turing
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