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When Past Performance IS Indicative of Future Returns

Finally someone who gets it, past performance CAN be indicative of future returns!  For starters, what else is there? More importantly, the only thing that really could be indicative of future results is the demonstration of a repeatable process – and that would be reflected in the past performance revealed by the reliable back-test of a quantitative …

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Beat the Market with a Simple SuperTrend Strategy

Recently I gave a presentation describing the process of creating and validating a simple trading strategy using AmiBroker. In this case, the instruments traded were the NIFTY and Bank NIFTY indices from the NSE in India, and the primary indicator used was the SuperTrend indicator. Although the performance results of the strategy are quite respectable, …

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Reporting By Market Type

One of the many interesting ideas put forth by Dr. Van K. Tharp is that you should not try to find a trading strategy that works in every type of market. Instead, he advises trading only those strategies that have performed well in the past under conditions similar to the current ones. If you choose to adopt …

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Adaptive Strategy Presentation

Last night I revisited the topic of creating adaptive strategies for an audience from the AmiBroker Canada User Group and a local chapter of the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. The presentation was well-received, and the audience asked thoughtful questions at the end. If you want to listen in, the recording can be found here.

Combining Strategies with AmiBroker

I’m a big fan of AmiBroker, particularly the speed and flexibility it provides for backtesting trading strategies. However, one thing that is not particularly straightforward in AmiBroker is combining multiple strategies into a single system. Many quantitative (a.k.a. systematic) traders, myself included, use more than one strategy to help smooth their portfolio returns. The idea …

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