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Frequently Asked Questions

Account minimum is 100,000 of your local currency (USD, EUR, AUD). Licensing fees for the Quant Alpha algorithms are comparable to fees that you would pay a hedge fund. Except that we intend to generate returns far in excess of most funds, and we don’t expect to collect performance fees if we didn’t perform. Did we say ‘comparable to a hedge fund’? Never mind.

We love building strategies and software, so no matter how big or how small your project, just reach out. We are very flexible and the depth of our experience means we work very quickly, and to the highest quality. There’s no substitute for getting it right the first time. See the details on the Custom-Development page.

Apart from institutions, generally our algorithmic portfolio suits sophisticated investors who understand what is required to generate real outperformance in the markets. Naturally the account minimums must be considered and you shouldn’t deploy trading algorithms on your account before discussing it with your licensed financial advisor and conducting your own research and due diligence!

Check out our blog post titledĀ Podcasts, Books & Other Trading Resources. It’s full of great resources for getting familiar with funds management & systematic trading.

No, because you are not buying shares in a partnership, company or investing in a fund or managed product. Instead you are using the Quant Alpha platform to send electronic trading instructions into your own brokerage account automatically, based on the strategy you select.

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